Welcome to Bredarör

Ancient worldviews, rock carvings, mysticism and magic. A Bronze Age monument dedicated to communication between the dead and the living. Between gods and people.

The cairn is 75 meters in diameter and today 3.5 meters high. It was restored in 1933 to today’s appearance. Neither the aisle, the door or the chamber are authentic, but a neat layout to make the cairn a museum for the 3,500-year-old stone coffin with petroglyphs in the chamber.

The stone cist in the center of the cairn consists of eight picture stones and two gable stones. They are the original ones and were put here about 1,400 BCE. But long before that, the place was a shrine…

Two thousand years before the petroglyph cist was put here, several graves from the Stone Age were built. Inside the chamber, one of these small rock cists remains. The others are piling up outside…

In 2020, a very important and sensational find was made. An archaeological survey, for the site of gateposts on the outskirts, found stones that had originally formed several stone cists but which the National antiquarian Curman did not think fit in.

Here is a photo taken during the excavation in 1931. The dark stones are the ones we found. Except for the two on the left, they’re the Stone Age tomb above.