Open hours and prices

The open hours can change with short notice. Pay attention to our Facebook and Instagram, where any changes are published.

open hours 2023

AprilSaturday & Sunday12:00-16:00
MayThursday – Sunday11:00-16:00
1-18 JuneWednesday – Sunday11:00-17:00
19 – 23 JuneClosed
24 juni – 13 AugustDaily11:00-17:00
14 – 31 AugustWednesday – Sunday11:00-17:00
September Thursday – Sunday12:00-16:00
OctoberSaturday & Sunday12:00-16:00
November – February 2024Closed
With reservation to changes witch is published on Facebook and Instagram.

Prices 2023

Please read the information under Visit us to find the right price.

In case of events and happenings the prices might change temporarily.


45 kr

Inclusive 2 children

More children/adult costs 15 kr/child (Don’t applie to schools and grupp)

Small children – 6 years, are not included in the total amount of children. Children are between 7 – 15 years of age. You are adult from 16 years of age.

Children are not allowed on the premisie without an accompanieng adult. The adult takes full responability in order to follow rules. If not, the whole party is desmissed from the premises immediately. If there are damages, police is contacted.


Max 30 students/class, price includes guided tour.

40 kr/person


Parties with more than 9 paying guests

With guided tour

90 kr/person

without guided tour

45 kr/person