Visit us

To us one comes in shape of one of these categories; general public, prebooked school or prebooked group.

The grave chamber is small and cannot contain many people at one time, we have a limit on how many people that can be on the premisis at the same time. Therefor all groups must be preebooked in order for us to maintain order and to give you as a visitor the best experiance possible

General public

The general public can visit us during our open hours. More then 9 people is counted as a group and must be prebooked. One pay the entrace fee and is then allowed to visit the famous stone cist with rock carvings. One also get access to any exhibitions and events. The entrance fee varies, see price list.


All visiting schools and groups must be preebooked due to a small chamber. Send an e-mail to make your request.


All groups with more than 9 (nine) people must prebook due to a small chamber. The group pays together as one action or we can send an invoice. Send an e-mail to make your request.

Schools and most groups visit is accompanied by an archaeologist as guide.

With the archaeologist you don’t only get the fantastic story about how the grave was found and the leagal aftermath. The archaeologist also tells you about the exciting Bronze age that build Bredarör and their ancestors that put graves here during the Stone age. We show clothes, objects, tell you about sun magic, Gods and animism. The archaeologist gives you the latest research and after this guided tour you will never look at the prihistory with the same eyes.